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Forthcoming Books

Books to be released in the coming months include: Downward Bound: A Mad! Guide to Rock Climbing Bouldering at Elephant Rocks State Park

Open to Submissions

J. Missouri is currently open to new book submissions.
Author's can send inquiries to
joe [at] jmissouri [dot] com.
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It was a great book when published in 1956, it’s about time for the reprint so everyone can afford to read it! Great reading!

I had a great time and learned much more than I ever thought I would about rappelling. Confident and ready to head out into the wild on my own if I had to. Thanks again!

this is one you’ll read many times. brilliant information and lets you join nessmuk in the woods vicariously. even simple, tasty campfire recipes (they were called “receipts” then) that you can prepare in the comfort of your kitchen. just buy it.